Friday, 19 November 2010


Κυπριακά δαμαί

How procrastination works (a real case study)
You're sitting at your desk, working on something important (a job application in this case).
You feel like having a cup of coffee.
You get up and go to the espresso machine. You press the button and realise that the machine is getting a bit clogged up, it could do with some cleaning at some point.
You find the leaflet with the instructions (you can see where this is going, can't you?)
You open the cupboard where you keep the tools. You take out the little case with the screwdrivers. You unscrew the filter head, give it a good wash and screw it back in. 
You put the tools away. You heat the water, put coffee in the filter and make yourself a nice, double espresso.
You sit down again.
You blog your findings for the benefit of the procrastinating masses out there.


Biluś said...

Perfect, Lol - I can't start work until the washing up's done - ooh, then there's the hoovering - gotta have tidiness around you for a tidy mind, eh - oh, and I think the recycling needs putting out. Right, ready for work. Oh, but perhaps if I put a washload in while I'm working... working from home is very good for a nice tidy home!

Caroline said...

And then you check your blog stats, and your incoming links, you click through on a few incoming links to see where they're coming from, then read the blogs you find, and click on a few of their blogroll favouites and read what you find there too - and before you know it it's well past bedtime and you've got to get up in 5 hours!

Or, at least, that's how most of my evenings are spent... :D

Marios said...

sounds soooo familiar....somebody pointed me to this